Insurance-Linked Securities

RenaissanceRe has been an active participant in the insurance-linked securities market since the late 1990s. As a client-focused franchise, we continuously seek to find efficient capital sources to match our clients’ risk. We use ILS as an important complementary means to serve clients’ needs, as well an important component of our own general risk management strategy.

Insurance-linked securities are generally privately placed fixed income securities of which all, or a portion of, the repayment of the principal is linked to catastrophic events – for example, the occurrence of one or more hurricanes or earthquakes producing industry losses exceeding certain specified thresholds. We underwrite, model, evaluate and monitor these securities using similar tools and techniques used to evaluate our more traditional property catastrophe reinsurance business assumed.


Aditya Dutt
Renaissance Underwriting Managers, Ltd.

Kai Morgenstern
Managing Director
RenaissanceRe Ventures Ltd.