AeroEdge™ Vortex Suppresion Technology

Wind Force Reduction and Damage Mitigation for Buildings

  • This technology encompasses a suite of aerodynamic devices to suppress vortices along roof and wall edges
  • Modification of conventionally-shaped edges at intersection of building surfaces
  • Mitigation of damage risk at the source of the risk chain: Wind over Conventional Edge > Vortex > Extreme Force > Potential Damage
  • An effective, simple, and inexpensive method to mitigate wind damage to buildings
  • Wind-tested to be capable of reducing hurricane damage effects by two to four categories for roof and wall edge areas where over 70% of wind damage to a building is initiated
  • Non-intrusive, small in size, and easy to install, ideal for retrofit as well as for new construction of both commercial and residential buildings

Smart Engineering and Practical Design

Areodynamic Roof

Areodynamic Roof Edge Suppresses Vortices Thus Significantly Reduces Roof Uplift Force And Wind Damage

Areodynamic Roof

Reducing Severe Uplift on Roof by a Factor of 3

Comparative Full Scale Rooftops Tests

Comparative Full Scale Rooftops Tests – Traditional versus Aerodynamic Roof Edges

In the following video, WPC wind engineers subject Aeroedge™ products to the RenaissanceRe Wall of Wind hurricane simulation device.