WPC Energy Weather Solutions

WPC Superensemble™ forecasting skill, coupled with expert client support, provides significant informational advantages to those in the Energy Industry. For the Energy Trader or the electricity load forecaster, our experience has shown WPC’s forecasting technology provides an accuracy edge.

  • The timing and accuracy of WPC Hurricane forecasts allow for quick assessment of threats to the energy producing regions of the Gulf of Mexico;
  • WPC produces 15-day Maximum and Minimum Temperature forecasts, which can be translated into Heating and Cooling Degree Days (HDD/CDD), for over 200 major US cities and important international locations;
  • WPC long range forecasts demonstrate excellent skill in predicting temperature anomalies for the next three calendar months;
  • Superensemble™ Hourly Forecasts provide an objective means of leveraging multiple forecast views, making them ideally suited as inputs to electricity load forecasting applications.

WPC provides Energy Weather information in a clear, easy to use web interface, and backs up its information with expert client support by experienced meteorologists with advanced degrees.