Group Structure

Casualty & Specialty Platforms and Products

Platform Balance Sheet Target Business
Bermuda  Renaissance
Reinsurance Ltd.
  • Low frequency, high severity global reinsurance
  • All Casualty and Specialty classes
  • Non-U.S. domiciled Quota Share reinsurance
London Lloyd’s Syndicate 1458
  • Global insurance and reinsurance placed in Lloyd’s market
  • Insurance includes binding authorities
  • Reinsurance is predominantly Excess of Loss
USA Renaissance Reinsurance U.S. Inc.
  • U.S.-placed Quota Share and Excess of Loss reinsurance
  • All Casualty and Specialty classes

Property Platforms and Products

Platform Balance Sheet Target Business
Bermuda Renaissance
Reinsurance Ltd.
  • U.S. and International Cat Reinsurance / Retrocessional
DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd.
Top Layer Reinsurance Ltd
  • Non-North American Cat Excess of Loss Reinsurance
  • Low frequency, high severity
Upsilon RFO Re Ltd. 
  • Worldwide Reinsurance / Retrocessional and Cat Excess of Loss
  • Collateralized
RenaissanceRe Medici Fund Ltd. 
  • Catastrophe Bonds and other Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)
London Lloyd’s Syndicate 1458
  • U.S. and International Reinsurance / Retrocessional
  • Per Risk Excess of Loss
  • Proportional (Quota Share and Surplus Share)
  • Property Insurance and Binding Facilities
Singapore Renaissance
Reinsurance Ltd. (Singapore Branch)
  • International Reinsurance /Retrocessional
  • written out of the Singapore Branches of Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd. and DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd.
DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd. (Singapore Branch)
USA Renaissance Reinsurance U.S. Inc.
  • Proportional (Quota Share and Surplus Share)
  • Per Risk Excess of Loss
  • Regional U.S. Multi-line and Property Reinsurance