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Claims $15B+

Since 1993, we’ve paid over $15 billion in claims. We’re proud of our world-class reputation for being there when it matters most.

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Please reach out to a member of our claims team below with any questions or to discuss a specific claims payment need.

“Claims is at the heart of our business, where our promises and products are ultimately tested. The global claims team aims to support clients when they need it most with consistent and timely service of the highest quality that is delivered with integrity and understanding.”

Peter McLoughlin, SVP, Group Head of Claims
United Kingdom

Peter McLoughlin

SVP, Group Head of Claims
United States

Peter Lange

SVP, Head of Claims – US

Katrina Dias

Contact Katrina
441-239-4756 email

Georgina Dill

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441-239-4716 email
We continue to have industry-leading claims-paying rates Kevin O’Donnell, President and CEO
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