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We have worked with eminent practitioners to better understand disaster safety and risk mitigation best practices. Our primary goal is to help save lives and make communities safer in the face of catastrophe. Craig Tillman, President of the RenaissanceRe Risk Sciences Foundation
Risk Mitigation Leadership Forums

Our invitation-only forums bring together academics, scientists, conservationists, and public and private sector representatives to advance risk mitigation efforts and awareness, support and develop strategies that foster community preparedness and resilience, and bring about positive change in how we all prepare for, and respond to, natural catastrophes.

We’ve proudly organized 14 Risk Mitgation Leadership Fourms since 2008, contributing valuable thought leadership to the disaster safety movement. Our events seek to achieve the following goals:


Identify key factors relating to preserving life and safety, as well as the economic impacts of natural disasters.


Engage with leading public policy makers who have to manage catastrophic risk in relation to societal needs.


Explore current initiatives in the areas of building mitigation, hazard mitigation, and risk financing, as well as how these initiatives can be commercially and economically deployed to mitigate risk.


Explore and promulgate the best scientific research relating to the risks of natural perils, and how they may be mitigated or avoided.


Create an "environment of exchange" so participants can interchange ideas and capitalize on insights generated at each event.

4,500+ attendees | 14 Risk Mitigation Leadership Forums
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Join the Disaster Safety Movement

We believe that by working together we can make our communities stronger and more disaster resilient.

Please e-mail to ask to be placed on the invite list for our upcoming events, to submit a white paper for publication under the Resources section of our website, or to request to be a speaker at a future forum.

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