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Kevin O’Donnell, President & CEO
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Jonathan (JJ) Anderson

Senior Vice President,
Global Head - Strategic Investments
Contact Jonathan
+1 917 242 5553 email

Jonathan Allard

Tim Allen

Marc Amen

David Angove

Nicholas Antoniou

Contact Nicholas
+1 847 310 5854 email

Jodie Arkell

Kathleen Baker

Contact Kathleen
+1 212 238 9678 email

Pauline Banzon de Perio

Robert Barlow

Leo Barran

Senior Legal Counsel
RenaissanceRe Syndicate
Management Limited

Stephen Bath

Shannon Bender

Senior Vice President,
Group General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Veronique Bernard

Vice President, Controller – Ventures
Contact Veronique
+1 441 239 4704 email

Katie Blake

SVP, Corporate Actuary

Laura Bonanno

Vice President

Ian Branagan

Executive Vice President and
Group Chief Risk Officer
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Renaissance Reinsurance of Europe
Contact Ian

Hugh Brennan

Chief Executive Officer
RenaissanceRe Syndicate
Management Limited
Contact Hugh

Russell Brooke

Sean Brosnan

SVP, Chief Investment Officer

Scott Buchanan

Michael Cady

Cathal Carr

John Carty

Iain Clark

Adrian Clark

Raquel Conrad

Eoin Conway

Dave Courcy

Vice President

Thomas Cox

Ed Cruttenden

Active Underwriter
RenaissanceRe Syndicate 1458

Ross Curtis

Executive Vice President and
Group Chief Underwriting Officer
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.
Contact Ross

Bryan Dalton

Chief Underwriting Officer – Europe

Nick Davy

Thibault de Woillemont

Jaymin Desai

Jen Devery

SVP, Assistant General Counsel, Bermuda Assumed Risk

Katrina Dias

Contact Katrina

Georgina Dill

Contact Georgina

Derek Dudgeon

Ashleigh Edwards

Contact Ashleigh
+1 203 658 1906 email

Lars Ekholm

Claire Eldridge

Samantha Engel

Contact Samantha
+1 212 238 9283 email

Philippe Ernst

Josh Everdell

Stephen Fahy

Nate Field

Orla Finnan

Contact Orla

Matthew Flynn

Brian Flynn

Erica Fothergill

Jamie Fraser

SVP, Chief Accounting Officer

Justin Freisenbruch

Kevin Fry

Xianglong Gan

Jeffrey Gearheart

Richard Gibbs

Angelo Giglio

Managing Director, Corporate Finance

Julian Goldberg

Naveed Haque

Maeve Harrison

Maureen Higgins

Sebastien Iaxx

Senior Vice President
Contact Sebastien
+1 441 239 4712 email

Graham Ilott

Mary Kay Jennings

Contact Mary Kay
+1 847 310 5855 email

Pooja Khatri

Anne Korenblit

Vice President, General Counsel – Ventures

Kelli Kukulka

Tony Kulkarni

Robin Lang

SVP & Chief Risk Officer
European Operations
RenaissanceRe Syndicate
Management Limited
Contact Robin

Peter Lange

SVP, Head of Claims – US

Sam Lee

Trevor Leitch

Gerald Macdonald

Ann Manal

SVP, Chief Human Resource Officer

Andrea Manella

Managing Director
and Head of Underwriting
RenaissanceRe Europe AG

Jeff Manson

Mike Markowski

Richard Marks

David Marra

SVP, Chief Underwriting Officer
– Casualty & Specialty
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Renaissance Reinsurance U.S. Inc.

Brian McCarthy

Peter McLoughlin

SVP, Group Head of Claims

James Mitchell

Sudhir Modhvadia

Peter Muirhead

Ria Nichols

Aidan O’Connor

Kevin O’Donnell

President and
Chief Executive Officer
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Justin O’Keefe

SVP, Chief Underwriting Officer
– Property
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Jonathan Paradine

Chief Executive
Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd.
DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd.
(Singapore Branch)
Contact Jonathan
+65 6572 8860 email

Chris Parry

Senior Vice President,
Global Head - Capital Partners
*Pending Bermuda Immigration approval

Robert "Bob" Qutub

Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Kevin Rentko

Adria Richards

James Riley

Rebecca Roberts

James Roddy

Tino Ruperti

Tomihiro Segawa

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